TIE Board of Directors

Gilbert A. Clark
TIE Director
President, TIE International

Freeman Dyson

Mary Cragg
Administrative Manager

Dan Campion
President, U.S. TIE

Nicholas Paizis
TIE Technology Manager

Randy Norrick
Site Selection Director

Operational Sites:

Norrick Peak, AZ - Operational

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Any problems or questions about the form? Please email the Education Coordinator:
Kent Manno, TIE Education Coordinator

The TIE User's Guide and Workbook for Scholastic Programs and Amateur Studies:

Plans for Building a
Sidewalk Telescope

"If there were a million amateur astronomers with telescopes, and they were willing to let a few thousand people each
look through their telescopes, there would be a chance for the people in the world who wanted to see to see."
John Dobson
Telscope Building with John Dobson Video

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